Whatever is Not Faith is Sin!

Just believeI’ve learned a valuable lesson in these last few days. When you begin to walk by faith and your faith grows to another level, you can’t go back.

It’s almost like going through school. If you graduate from high school and then college, you are no longer just a high school graduate. You are now a college graduate. And no matter what, you can’t go back to just being a high school graduate. And so it is with faith. Once you get to college level faith, you can’t go back to high school faith.

And faith must grow. So if the Lord took you through one trial, then the next faith building lesson will be a little more challenging. And I am learning that sometimes you have to keep your mouth SHUT about the what you are going through because every ones faith is not at the same level.

So you might go through something very challenging and then you talk to a friend or family member whose faith is not at the same level as yours and they will have you run off on a tangent and you cease to trust God. It doesn’t make then a bad person, it’s just that God has been speaking to YOU, not them.

God is looking for UNSHAKABLE FAITH no matter what the circumstance is. No matter what trust God. So you can’t get in the flesh and say and do what you want to do. And again, keep your mouth shut. Even when you get weak, or mad or want to vent, TALK TO GOD. A lot of times we put our feelings out there and then we are over it and the person we are talking to is still affected by our words.

God told me to steer clear from some stuff and I have obeyed God with very few slip ups. Now I am going to do less venting on this blog and more trusting because God is not pleased when we waver and then our wavering can affect others in a negative way.

As much as I want to vent and share some times, this next leg of my journey is going to be different. I need to go back to my personal journal. From now on (with the help of God) I am keeping my mouth shut and sharing the testimony AFTER  it’s over! 🙂

Romans 14:23

New International Version (NIV)

23 But whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin.[a]