Love Series: Seeing One-sided

2010-11-05-jealousy (1)Often, we only see our own side of a circumstsnce. Even though, I have been accused of being that way, I really try to look at both perspectives particularly if it’s been clearly communicated to me. But unless you really know what is going on, you are left to your own thoughts.

So if a man is talking about how someone is his twin-soul and he binds himself to her to for all eternity, then he calls you a “nutter” for believing that there is a miracle to come, what would YOU think?

The problem is people use their words carelessly. If you don’t want someone to take something to heart, DON’T SAY IT! And if you want to convince someone that you are really serious, don’t send another woman loves songs saying you are my angel!

Actions speak LOUDER than words. Before people believe what you say, they believe what you DO. So if you are really serious ladies and gentlemen, don’t just talk about it; be about it.

When you shut a door, keep it shut, or nobody will believe it’s really shut. I know the door may take a minute to shut, but let’s focus on our OWN door. God has your blessing under lock and key. He kept it from the detour and that ain’t no lie. Hmmm but the longer this drags on, the more appealing the detour looks.

It’s odd how some people, particularly men think you should sit around and wait while they do what they want to do. What’s that about??


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