God Always Prepares Me

Soul-TiesAll day I was feeling somewhat uneasy and I didn’t know what it was about and then I took counsel with my Pastor this evening and he gave me a prophetic word about warfare and I knew there was another battle ahead. I didn’t really see what it was about till just a little while ago.

This place God is taking me to is great and the enemy doesn’t want me there because I will change the course of history and save a nation. No one is going to take my place because if they do, destiny will be lost and things will go off course. I get it!

God let me know that I would need to have a tremendous amount of patience in the season because someone would be going back and forth. But the truth is GOD has already spoke and the battle is about desire versus the WILL OF GOD. You see we don’t always want what GOD wants.

I’ve already won this battle through prayer and fasting, but I know this thing has to die in a way that there will be no possible resurrection. Sadly, I already know it’s going to be a tragic ending.

Sometimes people think you are being cruel when you say you see jail and stuff like that. But I know that this situation that I am looking at will not have a good ending. God is going to have to kill it, so that there will be NO CHANCE of resurrection. That’s why my prayer partner had the dream about a set of twins of which one died violently. It must play out and it may get worse before it get’s better, but this I KNOW, for someone, it’s not going to end well.

But until that happens, I do believe God is going to allow me to take that detour…I really do!!!  You see, I used to think I was going to have to sit and wait and twiddle my thumbs, but NOT SO. God is not unjust. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. God is going to allow me to connect with my RESTORATION MAN! And I’m and going to enjoy the ride, while waiting on destiny! Pray for me that I don’t lose my focus!!


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