Love Series: Trust Me, I Get It!

DB-23_Omari_Hardwick_PH_Timothy_WhiSometimes you meet someone and they seem like they would be the perfect person for you. It’s even more profound when they are someone you never even noticed before and then BAM, they have your full attention.

It happened to me recently. I was at my former church and this man was on the pulpit in full view, but I paid him no attention UNTIL he started paying attention to me. Suddenly, I had a pep in my step, I felt excited about seeing him and I saw him in a whole different light. Things were getting interesting and I was SURE I would be seeing this man.

I still think about him to this day and for a while, I had hope that something would transpire between us. Then God gave me a dream that made it very clear that was NOT going to happen. It took me a minute to accept this, but now I know that issue is dead.

When I think about it, I see God’s wisdom. I needed a handsome man to pay some attention to me because my self-esteem had taken a big blow and I had forgotten that I’ve had quite a few very attractive men in my life. God was reminding me that there was NOTHING wrong with me, just because one man did not recognize my value.

So, I get it. Even after God says NO, it’s hard to let go. Then I also realize had he and I started dating, if he liked me, I would probably have ended up with the wrong man. I felt that strongly about him. The attraction between us was magnetic. It’s been a while since I felt this way about someone and I ain’t talking cyberspace baby. The real deal. Tall dark and handsome, in my face and grabbing and shaking hands and him  watching me like a hawk. lol

Trust me, I get it. But no matter how much you want that person, if they are not in your destiny, you have to LET THEM GO. Especially after God has spoken. The Lord gave me a very clear dream that he was NOT the one, along with a very clear prophetic word  right in the midst of it happeing.. As much as I wanted him to be Mr. Right at the time, he is Mr. Wrong. And life goes on!

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