A Revelation

Helping-HandSeveral years back the Lord spoke to me through the story of Deborah and Barak. The story is in Judges chapter 4 if you want to read it. But to sum it up, God used Deborah to help Barak win a battle but he refused to go without Deborah.  Sometimes you will encounter situations like that. God will call you alongside someone as they come out of  something.

When God first spoke to me through this story I didn’t know what it was about, but recently in the last year or so, I felt that when the time was right God wanted me to help someone come out a relationship in which they were in too deep and didn’t know how to come out of. Now this is a very hard situation because when helping someone in a situation like that, it must be clear that the person is ready to come out. I think they may be, but there are mixed message. I am going to do a little more praying about this one, because in order for me to “walk alongside someone” to help, I can’t deal with someone who is vacillating.

Are you ready to move on from something? If so, God will send you the help you need, but you must be ready to let go. Make up your mind now, that you are leaving it all behind. So with that in mind, I’m going to start a series of blogs about how to come out of certain situations and STAY OUT. God told me yesterday, I was not done. It’s back to work. Ready or not here it comes. God wants me to share this: Get ready because God says IT’S TIME. Continuing to encourage something that is not ordained of Him is going to bring great consequences. It has already gone on too long. You won’t get out without consequences, but continuing will only bring a greater disaster, maybe even suicide or death! This is serious. It’s time to heed what God has said.

Finally,  here is a disclaimer. This is in no way a form of manipulation. If it were left up to me, I wouldn’t even be bothered, but I am obeying God. Remember this: THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Judges 4:8

New King James Version (NKJV)

And Barak said to her, “If you will go with me, then I will go; but if you will not go with me, I will not go!”

Girl Please Get Up!

Girl Please


You’ve taken a hit. Life has knocked you down, but you are not knocked out. You have more going for you than you realize. Others might laugh, and say you’re through. But they don’t know you like that. You have the ability to pull victory from the jaws of defeat! Now is the time for you to gather your wits; clear your head and mind; and dig down deep. Resolve to unleash your creative energy, unstoppable attitude and resourcefulness.

This is your time and your moment to prove to yourself and to everyone else who you really are. You have the power to change your circumstances; to change your finances; to love again; to rebuild relationships; and to create your own job or business. You have the power to open the doors of possibility, and move your life forward. You have the power within you because you have something special…you…

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