Love Series: Do Opposites Attract?

I was chatting with an online acquaintance (I have some online acquaintances, who stalk me, lol) and she kept insisting that someone is into me because opposites attract. I think this is the same person who shared the twin soul theory. lol Go figure! I don’t know how you believe in the New Age twin soul theory and then say opposites attract. I’m cracking up at I write this.

Honestly, I do think opposites attract. Why on earth would someone want to be with their “twin”. Twins are alike right? I think it’s odd to want to be with someone like yourself. I’ve never even thought of that. How boring!

It’s more interesting to have someone who is strong where I am weak. Someone who I can learn from. But I guess some people are not attracted to someone who is the opposite of themselves. I guess the balance is to be opposites, but not so much that you won’t have anything in common.


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