You Can’t Control Your Deliverance!

When people have been abused, they want to control everything. But I want to tell you, you can’t control how God is going to deliver you. It can’t be on your terms, but it has to be on God’s terms.

I know of someone, who I know is tormented. God told me what to tell that person, to receive their deliverance, but I know they won’t receive it from me. I know they despise me, so why would they listen to me? And I know they probably would not do what God told me to tell them.

But the Lord told me that person needs to go to a couple of ministers who they trust (as much as they can) and tell those ministers about their problems (all of them). Pour out your heart and don’t worry about what will happen. Tell the ministers that you need deliverance and go from there. If you would do that, the torment will come to an end. It needs to be more than one minister and they should minister to you at the same time (together)

But when you try to control HOW God is going to deliver you, it will never happen. At this point, you must be transparent with some strong men of God about what you are dealing with or it will KILL you! It’s time.

Whether they listen is ON THEM. But that is the Word of the Lord!

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