Looking Forward to Dating!

Am I in this season yet Lord??

A Prophetic Walk

dinner dateI had an epiphany today. God has been dealing with my fears. I don’t mean to be too deep but a while back the Lord showed me that I would be dating someone from my church. I believe I know who that man is but he is no longer at the church and actually that’s a good thing because he was in leadership.

I had some fears because I was afraid of falling for someone who’s not for me. I know it sounds strange but I am a seer. God spoke to me about this man and let me know he’s not my mate but I believe we still may date. I think I was fearful but sometimes it’s good to have a life experience. And some men are sent to restore.

I’m really excited because I like this man. He’s tall dark and very handsome. He’s articulate intelligent and…

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