Love Series: The Breaking of a Soul-tie Pt. 2

Soul-TiesI’ve not been posting like I should because I had to catch up on my rest (not sleeping). I also was thinking  it was not necessary, but even after God speaks, we still have to walk it out. The assignment is not over.

Now here is how you break relationship soul-ties:

1. You put DISTANCE between you and the person you can’t seem to let go of. When God told me that Pastor was not the one for me, I left the church. There was no reason for me to be around him anymore. When you are breaking a soul-tie, you need to stop communicating. It may seem like you are being rude, but the first step is to distance yourself, by not being in that persons presence, and or not responding to their emails, text messages or calls. Delete them off Facebook, twitter, etc. You don’t need to keep up with what is going on with them if you are trying to break a tie.

2. Resist the temptation of telling them “let’s just be friends”. I never could understand people who remain friends with their ex. Perhaps it’s an insecurity thing. They don’t want the person to be mad at them. But remaining friends with ex. is dangerous in my opinion, especially when you have been involved sexually. There is ALWAYS that chance of restarting the relationship up again.

3.Redirect your attention to something else. I didn’t say someone else, I said SOMETHING else. The reason I say that is because if you move on to someone else, it’s just a rebound relationship and that is not fair to the person who you are using to get over your ex.

4. Focus your attention on GOD for a change. Especially, if you are someone who goes from one relationship to another. Perhaps it’s time to be alone for once in your life.I have a relative who was like that. He started setting up his next relationship when he knew he was leaving his current one. Well that is juvenile and immature.

5. Pray and fast. Nothing will break a tie faster than prayer and fasting.God is able to easily disconnect you from someone you shouldn’t be with. God has a way of breaking up the fantasy and let you see why you can’t be with that person.

6.Be clear about your intentions. Don’t tell someone, “we’re not done” when you know that you are. Stop sending mixed messages and be very strong in your resolve. Tell the person, “yes, I care about your deeply, but I don’t want to waste you time because I know we don’t have a future together.

7. Finally, stop fantasizing about the wedding, the honeymoon, the children and what life is or was going to like. Fantasy, is a dangerous practice because if God changes your course, you are left with a FALSE imagination  Yes, you also have to break the soul-tie in your imagination as well.

God is ready to break the soul-tie, but are you ready to allow it to be broken? If you aren’t get ready, He is about to do it NOW. Waiting will only make it worse!

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