Love Series: Healing, Then Love

Healing-the-HeartSo God told me that the man he has for me was a man who needed a LOT of love. I see that is true, but I always believed I would be able to sow love into his life up close and personal and not online.

So here comes another woman willing to sow “love” into his life even though she has never met him and she says it was God and that he is her mate. Even though she was and still is abused and misused and treated badly, (her words, not mine) she continued and continues to sow “love”. Well guess what? He bought it though they have never physically met it appears the feeling is mutual.

I know it sounds and feels good, but honestly I am not going to say I don’t believe it, but I don’t. I think she is infatuated with who he is and what he has. But kudos to girlfriend for being able to do the impossible.

When I asked God why and how this happened, the Lord showed me he is a man with broken walls susceptible to much, open to a whole lot. His walls must be built up or else anyone would be able to get in.

But now, it’s easy for her to sow love because it’s seems to be returned. So naturally that makes the job much easier. So where does that leave me? Should I compete? But I heard the Lord speak clearly through this devotional:

Faith Tabernacle

April 16, 2013


I would have you take the land for My kingdom, says the Lord.  But, I speak to you in spiritual terms.  There are parts of your heart that have become bitter and hardened because of the difficulties you have faced.  Those hard places of discouragement, rejection, and frustration must be plowed up like fallow ground and planted with seeds of faith and trust.  You must take the ground of your own heart before you can do the external work.

Hosea 10:12 Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

For me it’s a matter of healing.  The other woman in my opinion is used to abuse. And her personality is different than mine. But I am NOT in a competition, but I am all about healing my own heart before I can show Gods love to someone else. Meanwhile, I guess that will go on. But it has a purpose. It may not feel good, but in the end whatever is there is going to be removed. Listen men, the best woman for you is NOT the one who can endure the most abuse. It’s the one God says is for you.

So how is this going to be fixed. God told me, he already knows, that is why he came back to me. But he is allowing his emotions to rule now, but that is going to work against him in the long run. She is sweet as long and she gets what she wants. But when the answer is a forever no, that will ALL change. I saw a little bit of it just recently.

Meanwhile, let me get healed.

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