The Dog Who Wouldn’t Die

Watching this happen! God is REAL!

A Prophetic Walk

I’m sure this title got your attention, but it’s based on a dream I had. Several years back, I had a dream about this dog that was misused and abused and tormented and tortured and when it appeared that is was finally dead, it popped up and was very much alive.

I knew that the dog represented a person and the reason God used a dog to symbolize this person is because dogs latch onto you and won’t let go.This is an edit because I didn’t share correctly. The dog had latched onto someone and would not let go.

I now think I know who this dog represents. At the time I had the dream, I thought it was someone else, but now I am pretty sure I know who this person is and I can tell you that this person is going to become a problem to someone. They…

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