Who is Really Doing the Blocking?

drain+pipe+blockageToday, I am being accused of blocking God’s Will. Wow, I must really have some power, because all I do is sit here in Florida and blog and on occasion share what God has told me. It shows you how things can get distorted in the mind of another.

What this is really about, is the blame game. If God has told me something, there is no one or nothing that can stop me from moving forward. My confidence has always been in God and when I am convinced that I heard from God, whatever someone else says, is null and void. And that is how we all should be.

But people are always looking for a fall guy. But it also shows me that my words have weight and that is because I am of the prophetic order. I don’t have the power to stop anything, but I do have the power to warn..

What I have done consistently, is proclaim what God showed me without wavering. I am still not wavering. I know my track record. I have been this route before and every word God has said has come to pass, even if something else must take place first.

An example is that one of my relatives married his mistress, God showed me she would die and I warned them. They got mad at me and reported me to my own Pastor who deemed the word FALSE. Sorry to say this, but I didn’t say it. And guess what?  About 22 years later, she died a premature death. When I heard that she was sick, I knew. Well am I responsible for what God showed me? It was a judgement from God. Sadly, it happened just when the marriage had become sweet.

I would say my only problem with what I am being blamed for is, I have been fighting for what God showed me belongs to me. So of course my motives are going to be questioned. And I must be truthful and say I have gotten in the flesh and lashed out. But that would make me HUMAN. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels. But what God said is still true. The warnings are true and the end result is TRUE. But I am being made out to be a devil.

It’s called prophetic backlash. Don’t ask for this ministry, I’m telling you. You will catch hell for saying what God showed you. Your motive will come into question and all hell will break loose against you. But it’s okay. God’s Word will not fall to the ground and die, if HE said it and not you!

This is for someone who I know is reading. If God said it, MOVE FORWARD and don’t think that I am blocking anything. Who is really doing the blocking??

Recently, my prayer partner had a warning dream. I immediately knew who and what it was about, so I warned the person. True to the dream it happened or is happening.  But I am asking GOD not to put me in the position again. I don’t want to be disobedient, but I know they will come back and tell me I was right.

If God is with you, MOVE FORWARD. Stop blaming others for what YOU are not willing to do.


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