A Relationship From a Distance Pt. 2

I  just read part one of this post and at the time I felt one way, but today I am even more adamant about certain things. I’ve related to a few people through online, but no more.

There is only one sort of “relationship” that I have now that is exclusively online and that is hanging on by a thread. Honestly, I am not going to do the online thing anymore. I’ve had other online “friendships” and they alway inevitably come to an end. Even after talking to each other on the phone. It’s about growth. If the relationship doesn’t grow, it will end.

For me the next step would be the telephone. That would be the only way to take it to the next level before meeting. I am not going to be stuck in cyber-space with anyone.

Also, friendship is a two-way street. The only way to get closer is for them to reach out to me off-line, otherwise as my bestie would say in her New York way “deuces” .lol (It means see ya later);-)

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