I’m About to Look Away, For Good

eyes_closedLast year God warned me that something was about to happen and someone was about to steal what rightfully belonged to me and instructed me to fast and pray and thank God I obeyed. If I didn’t things would be very different right now. But I am still dealing with the residue of this situation. (in my mind it’s residue).

Some time after the fast, I had a dream that I saw this baby get killed. I knew the dream was about this situation. But I looked away in the dream and missed the demise of the “baby”. I did that last year. I stopped looking for a long time because I could not stomach the situation.

But this year I decided I was going to observe the situation and God told me to stay out of the midst and steer clear and I have done that. I vent on this blog. But now I am getting that desire to look away.

I feel like if a woman can curse you out publicly and you still want to be with her, then that is where I get off this ride. It must really be love.

Everything in me wants to get off this ride. People don’t understand when you make statements like this. They think, well “get off then”. I am going to try my best. I’m sick of watching a cyber-relationship play out publicly. I don’t know what to say or think at this point, but I’M OUT!

This is where I get off and do something different. I absolutely positively MEAN IT. This thing is officially DEAD!

I think starting today, I’m going to turn away and with each day, I know it will get better. If there is anything God wants me to know, He will tell me. But my eyes are officially closed!


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