Two Are Set to Die!

jailI just read the above words and boy did they hit me prophetically and get my mind to working. It immediately made me remember a dream someone shared with me about two funerals and how nothing could happen until these TWO funerals took place.

It also reminded me of former situation where a young lady “followed her dreams” and ended up in jail and God told me the same may (I hope not) happen to another woman. As I am observing this situation, it’s seem IDENTICAL to the other. First the woman fell in “love” with the a man. Then he disappoints them. Then they start admonishing him on his disobedience to God in not marrying them and then they move to be close to him and then something devastating happens to the woman

Last year my house was about to be auctioned off twice. The first time was scary, but I received a cancellation letter on a Saturday and the auction was set for Monday. God did it! Second time was not as scary. All the Lord had to say (and He did) was “I’m going to do it again and it happened.’ And the second time was not the last minute.

Just like God doing it again with my house, I see God doing it again concerning another situation. This has to runs it’s course. This time, I am going to trust Him and keep proclaiming what God is telling me right here. I hate to see someone else go to jail, but if that is what it’s going to take SO BE IT!

Yes, TWO “dreams” have been set to die! Next post will be about how your dreams can deceive you.

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