Love Series: Break that Soul-tie!

breaking-a-generational-curse-lineI’ve lamented about something, but it’s like the Lord was trying to get me to “put on my big girl panties” and stop acting like a little girl. Stuff happens. Men fall for wrong women all the time.

It’s like that wife whose husband is being unfaithful. You have to make up your mind that you either want him or you don’t. And once you decide, you do what it takes to get him back. Now I know that is easier said than done. And I have never been married, but I understand the concept.

Now God has spoken to me for a couple of weeks now and I know he is telling me if I fast and pray, that bond (soul-ie) that I am looking at WILL BREAK. But someone has to care enough to do the work and that would be me.

You have to get past the pain of rejection, the wanting to find someone else for revenge and just plain old being hurt and fight for what God says belongs to you!

I don’t recommend fighting in the natural, with people. Try prayer and fasting first. Then after that, if there is something you can do in the natural, do that.

I was reading in this book how this woman’s husband was being unfaithful and an older woman counselled the wife and told her to say nothing, but just spruce herself up and try to win him back. Well that was bad advice in my opinion. It’s the route of denial. Needless to say the couple divorced.

I am going to stop pouting and begin to FIGHT in the realm of the spirit and watch it manifest in the natural and STEER CLEAR. 🙂

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