God Knows Something We Don’t Know.

I was observing this “situation” from afar and wondering why this couple can’t be together. Look, I’m all for what people say they want. Now I know we can romanticized stuff all day long, but I was just wondering why? Being nosey. But I heard the Lord say, it wouldn’t last and honestly I can believe it.

Some women idolize men and then when the reality of it hits, it’s too much for them to handle. Also some women coddle men and that is not good to do. It just kind of reinforces the madness. Yes, I’m all for “loving people” but remember, even Jesus whipped the money changers out of the temple. There needs to be balance.

30 blogs to help you get through a divorceSometimes things looks so good on paper, but then when you get up close you begin to see the truth. Well honestly, I will’ take the Lord’s words for it because I was thinking why not?

I know Christian people want to marry so they can have sex “legally” and that is noble. But do you really have the character to stay faithful in that marriage? Sometimes that is big reason God does not allow us to move forward either. Listen if you have fornicated recently (any kind of sex outside of marriage), you are NOT ready for marriage!

And I am a firm believer in deliverance before marriage. I know a lot of people don’t even believe they can be delivered because nobody is preaching about it anymore, but you better get delivered or else you might end up like Oscar Pistorious. He’s the athlete that ended up fatally shooting his girlfriend. I don’t know what happened, but something was wrong if he shot his girlfriend in the bathroom.

I once BEGGED God to marry this man. lol Yes, I did and in the midst of that season, I had an experience that gave me clarity and rocked me to the core. I heard the audible voice of God in a dream (that has only happened twice) and it was one word: DIVORCE. I didn’t want to accept it  but God was letting me know that if I married that man, it would not last and I believe it. It took a while to accept it, but I believe it.

God is not opposed to us finding and having love, but he wants it to last and that is why some of us are still single. We are not ready for a lasting relationship. And if we would just be honest with ourselves, we know it’s the truth.

Well, as I speculated about these two people all I know is that GOD knows something about it we don’t know or as I like to say “Father knows best”.

Wait on the Lord! As you wait, it will all be revealed. Just wait! It won’t be much longer!

Malachi 2:16

Amplified Bible (AMP)

16 For the Lord, the God of Israel, says: I hate divorce and marital separation and him who covers his garment [his wife] with violence. Therefore keep a watch upon your spirit [that it may be controlled by My Spirit], that you deal not treacherously and faithlessly [with your marriage mate].

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