A Timely Word!!

rejectedI was reading something that a character wrote about me and it was not good. It made me feel bad…BUT INSTANTLY, while I was reading those words, I was listening to my NEW CHURCH via web/phone and the Pastor stopped in the middle of the message and said:

Sheila, God wants you to know you are a KIND and BEAUTIFUL person!!!

Whatcha gonna say now!!  The Lord took away what someone who doesn’t really know me said about me. God who really knows me has spoken!

Honestly, you can’t be concerned about the opinion of someone who hasn’t really taken the time to get to know you and who won’t acknowledge what they too have done wrong. Sometimes it’s better to be rejected. If the abuse I’ve seen recently is love, I want to say NO THANKS!

JESUS! That’s why I love HIM!

God is so good!!!


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