A Sudden Separation

separationI can’t even explain to you what I am feeling now. I only want to say that we must be ready to drop things that God says to drop at a MOMENTS NOTICE.

I have been happy at the church I was attending. I did take issue with a few things, but there is no perfect church, so you just accept whatever is going on and keep moving. But something happened yesterday which I know is strictly spiritual.

Service began as normal with praise and worship and the Pastor gave a message that was purposely interrupted by a skit. But I could not enter into the service. My spirit was grieved.

First I noticed the women of the church (not new believers) improperly dressed. Honestly, sometimes my church looks like the club as far as attire is concerned. It’s the one thing about the church that really bothered me. I think about the poor men who have to deal with spirits of lust in the world and then you have that same spirit right up in the church.

But I noticed something that grieved me. My divorced Pastor had his girlfriend in the pulpit. I can’t explain it, but I knew something wasn’t quite right and I could not return. Well this morning I woke up wondering if I was overreacting and whether I should really leave and God gave me my answer.

So, this morning I called into a prophetic teaching ministry and the Pastor, (who I connected with through this blog) and what was he teaching about? Coming out of religious systems and certain churches and not looking back. That was not all of the message, but I will say there is no doubt in my mind that I will not be returning to my church. I have been trying to deny it, but something isn’t quite right.. Something has changed and God does not want me to be a part of it. When I left church on Sunday, I felt I would not be returning and I have learned to obey God.

I didn’t have time to say goodbye to the people that I know. No goodbyes, just a quick and sudden separation. Had you told me on Palm Sunday that this would have happened, I would not have believed it.

Sometimes God has to separate us from people, places and things SUDDENLY and we cannot look back, not for one minute. We must remain separated and keep moving toward our future and destiny. God spoke clearly to obey and NOT harden my heart and I am going to obey.

I now see through the preached word, that being connected to this church was not only hindering my spiritual growth, but also my prosperity!! I see clearly now and I am gone.

John 2:5

King James Version (KJV)

His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

Love Series: On the Rebound

guys_girls_im_on_the_rebound_youll_do_tee_tshirt-p235796284481235172faqri_400It’s got to be a man thing. And please don’t think I am man bashing, but why is it that men will leave a relationship and before the previous relationship is barely over, they are setting up the next one? I say it’s a man thing because I’ve observed this with a few of my brothers. There was a time when people left a relationship and got into another one immediately, people would call that being on the rebound.

Here is why it’s dangerous to get involved with someone like that: first, you have to wait and see if the previous relationship is really over. Then I think the one moving on should take time and heal and recover from the previous relationship before jumping  into another one.

It’s unfair to use another person to get over someone you were in love with or were seeing. I would question whether that man was really sincere. Now if a month or so from now, if that person reached out to me, I might believe they were really interested, but sadly most men just move on to the next conquest and that makes me question if that person was sincerely interested in me.

I say this is a man thing because most of the time a woman will turn to her friends and mourn the ending or her relationship. I’m sure there are some who would move on quickly, but for the most part women take time to get over their pain.

It’s sad that we have moved away from being on the rebound, but I think we need to go back to that mindset. What do you think?