I Love God!

pretty_woman_xlargeI have to be honest and say I am trying my best to distance myself  from something even though I keep getting “words’ to the contrary. (yeah ok, lol) But God knows something that even I no longer want to know lol. But I must admit, when you carry something in your spirit for a long time, it’s not easy to just let it go, even if you want to.

So I was observing something, like God instructed me to do and I have to admit, it susan  doylestarted getting to me and I had to stop looking. That is what let me know that I was not completely over this. So I called a friend and we talked about it for about a half an hour, (just got off the phone) but honestly I was feeling worse. But God knew what I was going through and little did I know that he was going to deliver me INSTANTLY. Now, I am just going to tell you what God said and how I was instantly delivered and I am not being mean. I am just sharing what God did.

So the Lord told me to go to someones Facebook page and I did and sure enough the person had posted some new pictures and God said, that is not going to happen. Then the Lord said to me, this love dialog would not be going on if these two people were face to face, PERIOD. Instantly, what I felt lifted and God reminded me of how men are visual and also reminded me to GET IT TOGETHER and get ready for whoever he has for me. I’m not being mean, but that DELIVERED me and I KNOW what God said is the truth. LOL!!!!! There is NO WAY because GOD SAID IT! That is why I love God!!!!

Esther 2:9

Amplified Bible (AMP)

And the maiden pleased [Hegai] and obtained his favor. And he speedily gave her the things for her purification and her portion of food and the seven chosen maids to be given her from the king’s palace; and he removed her and her maids to the best [apartment] in the harem.

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