Love Series: Unconditional Love?

I was tempted to respond to something I read on this message board, but I heard the Lord say STEER CLEAR!!!  But I will say this. I know of a situation where  a woman was married and. she has children and her then husband cheated on her. As far as I know, with time she divorced him. Now there is someone else who “God said” is the one.  Yet  according to her, the new mans  character and actions are the same as the ex-husband. Yet, God said to love the new man UNCONDITIONALLY, I guess until he changes. There is only one problem I have with that. Why didn’t God say to do that with the husband??

Oh, I’ve heard all the excuses when people want out of a marriage. He was not my God-ordained mate. But you married him and have children, but the Word of the Lord was not to stay and keep your home together. The so-called word was to love a man who is not your husband unconditionally, until you get him. This is why the Word speaks of silly woman.

I know many people, especially those who want out of their marriage, often create a doctrine that frees them from their marriage. There is only one problem with that. What does the bible say? The bible say infidelity and some say desertion are the only biblical grounds for divorce. But even with that, I’ve seen marriages healed AFTER cheating. I know of at least three couples who have survived cheating and they are all over 20 years.

So if you have grounds because your ex cheated, why would God lead you to marry someone who does the  same thing? If that is the case the person should have stayed in the marriage and saved their home. And that is probably what God wanted! Amazing! If you sit down and think about some of this, it will make you shake your head!

I already know the end result. She is going to get hurt and sometimes these things must happen. You never know, After this God may lead her back to her mate. I think he hinted at wanting her back anyway.

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