Cyber Relating

I’ve been going back and forth about the title of this blog. Yes, I know, it seems I come up with a lot of random posts, but really it’s what I am going through at the time. When I first started, I don’t know what the purpose was. I know I wanted to minister through my experiences and I still feel that way. But lately this is been a place for me to vent, so that I don’t do it somewhere else. So forgive me for posting so much. Even if only one persons reads and gets something out of it, I’m okay with that.

I’ve shared on here that have met a few people through cyberspace. I know we all have. A few of the ladies had become phone buddies for a while. Lately, there were only two left and one that I speak to over the phone. The lady that I speak to over the phone is one that I lost contact with, but found again on Facebook and we starting talking again.

The other lady is someone who I have conversed with primarily through instant messages for about 5 years now.  Yes, that long and we have never met! We talked on the phone for a short season, but honestly, it was hard to continue because I couldn’t get a word in. lol For some reason I draw those kinds of people because I’m a good listener.

Lately this relationship has not been great. We have had lots of misunderstanding over the years and honestly I  think I made a mistake continuing. The truth is, I have felt the desire to disconnect many times because of dishonesty. I’m not sure if she realizes it. She is a nice person as far as I know, just not honest. One thing I am NOT is a liar and I really despise lying and hate when people lie on me.

Recently, she has said that I have been ‘stalking” her. Well nothing could be further from the truth. It’s really been quite the opposite. Like I said, I probably should have disconnected a long time ago, but every time I did, she would throw a fit about how she knew I would kick her to the curb eventually. It wasn’t that. It just concerned me that she would distort the truth all the time. And she had done that concerning me on many occasions.

Recently I deleted her off Facebook and my yahoo messenger and she asked me about it and I told her I did and what did she do? She requested my friendship again. lol. But I followed her.

So what is the point of this blog? It’s to talk about how you really can’t know a person in cyberspace. You can relate and get a sense of folks, but some things can’t be determined until you meet.  But the real point of this blog is to say  some folks are best left in cyberspace because you really don’t know what you are dealing with. Tonight, I deleted her for good. Lesson learned!

10 thoughts on “Cyber Relating

    • Sheesh..I have to say it..she is terrible liar. She is lying as I post this…saying she is being pursued by others for sex to put pressure on another man. Lies! She is trying to trap him.

      • Oh, ok–I was talking about sex–some women use sex to get a man—this the man wants her but it is just sex and lust–like a drug to be addicted to—so the woman gets the man using sex but she does not get his heart–and one day the man wakes up and realizes what he has done—and that’s when it usually ends the relationship—or they have sex and then pretend to be pregnant and since the guy already thinks she is pregnant his guard is down and the woman is hoping for this so she can really get pregnant or they are just pregnant by somebody else and lying about who the real father is to just get the man they want. So a man may think he wants a woman because of the sex thing–it can be an addiction. It’s not just the men who use sex to lure women, women also use sex to lure men—-But the bottum line is that it is not love just trickery and deception.

      • I thought you meant sex. Just wanted to make sure. Can I ask you a question? Do you believe a man can really be in love with a woman and having sex with someone else?

      • lol——Funny you should ask—maybe it’s possible or maybe men just lie. I mean look at the guy I was involved with–he told me he was in love with his wife before he started the affair with me but wanted to get involved with me none-the-less–and was also telling me I was his soul mate. Seriously, soul mate–hmnnn so why aren’t you leaving the wife then? He was using me and using her as well. This man says whatever is convienent for him at the time. Now other male friends have told me that when a man really loves a woman no he is not going to be having sex with someone else. If a man is involved with two or more women at a time–he really doesn’t love any of them. Real men–men of God do not do that. If the man was in love with the woman for real in the first place he would not be having sex with someone else. Is that love? Well maybe to some people that is there idea of love but not mine. If you love me then only be with me–because if you love me you would not violate my love that way. My personal opinion is that if anyone loves one person for real, I amtalking soul mate time, then no they would not be having sex with another person. And if someone says but it was just sex and I love you–well sorry but that is not my idea of love. Now maybe a man is having sex with one woman but really the love of his life is someone else and he does not realize it yet—then yes that is possible. But once a man knows who he loves–why would he want to settle for something less than love. Real men want love just as much as women do. And as men get older they do not settle just for the sex–this has come out of the mouth of men themselves. Ok so those are my thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind I am single–no boyfriend-no dating just my dog and the two puppies I just got–so what do I really know–but it’s my opinion for what it is worth….

      • I agree with everything you said. The lying part about men gets me. I find it so distasteful. I gotta find the strength to move on from this…smh…it’s insane. lol

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