A Cunning Woman

When a woman realizes she has a man’s heart, many times they take advantage of that man. I was watching that in this particular relationship (real life on TV)

But recently it has come to my attention that this woman is lying to this man to try to get him to marry her quickly. She is saying she is being harassed by men sexually. All lies

By her own words, to me over and over again she has said that men DO NOT approach her or ask her out on dates  and that she says they consider her unattractive. She is not a physically pretty woman, but she is gentle for the most part and that is a good quality. Everyone is not born with good looks, but I dislike it when someone is lied to.

I know people say we shouldn’t tell, but I know she is not telling the truth. it’s just a ploy to get a ring. I say if the man wants you, don’t pressure him. If he loves you and wants to marry you, he will do it without  any sort of manipulation or pressure.

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