The Power of the Prophetic

I was just sharing in my last blog post about being ministered to prophetically for 30 minutes and now that I am lying here in bed, I sense God’s peace. There is nothing like a Word from the Lord from someone who doesn’t have a clue who you are.

A lot of the word was about God taking me higher and I can feel Him drawing me to rise above a lot of the things that are hindering me and affecting me emotionally.

Then God spoke to my womanhood and reminded me of how special I am. This was so important because when you have be rejected by someone, you tend to lose your sense of worth.

I was looking at something a few minutes ago and it just all started looking like a lot of nonsense and that is because God is causing me to rise above it. I’m not even sure if I’m to observe it anymore. It just feels inconsequential in light of the Word of the Lord.

That is the power of the prophetic!

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