A New Woman

transformationI was sharing with you that God told me he was going to transform someone into a new man. Well he is not the only one who is going to be transformed. So am I. In fact, I feel that it has already begun.

It’s an unwise person who does not realize that they need to change. I am acutely aware that I need God’s help in many areas of my life. I need more healing from the past. I need God to teach me how to love and I still need more physical transformation

Yes, I am being transformed. I can no longer lie to myself about desiring the promises of God, what GOD SAID and what He promised me. Yes, after THIS the promise!

Denial can cause you to miss God! Detours can cause you to miss God or delay God’s promise. Yes, I have been transformed and I am being transformed. It’s a daily thing isn’t it?

I need a transformation too. I am FAR from perfect and this past week God reminded me of just how far. I look forward to God changing me TOO.


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