The Truth of the Matter Pt. 2

ICare logoThis evening I read the spirit of prophecy and it hit me in the pit of my stomach, Reading it made me realize that     sometimes my posts come from a place of protecting my heart and it’s hard for me to admit the truth. I will keep that truth to myself, but I have been writing some things from a defensive mode.It’s like I’m giving off the wrong impression.

I’m not a liar, but God is showing me that sometimes when we are not honest with ourselves, we end up telling unintentional lies.

Since I’ve started blogging I have put more and more of myself out there, but even though I am realizing  the truth, I don’t have to say what it is and I won’t.

What I will say is that I care more than I want to admit and I have to stop pretending I don’t. That’s all. Probably said too much already.

Sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves and take it to God. He will help us face it all.


  Let truth rule and reign in your heart, and be done with the presumption that comes with projecting yourself into the future.  No matter how much you think you know about what is ahead, you only have a glimpse of that which has not yet become reality.  And, the truth will be exaggerated and distorted by your imagination.  It will benefit you greatly if you can get real and stay real right here and now, says the Lord.

1 Corinthians 13:9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part. 

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