Don’t Let the Chatter Stop You Pt. 3

truthI am so proud of myself. I went through my own personal battle and I believe I got what I wanted. So what did want you may ask? Well I didn’t want to be communicated with or encouraged or whatever, all while someone is emotionally involved with someone else. I can accept someone else being with someone else as long as they are not bothering me too. Make sense? Any rational person can understand that.I don’t want  to be encouraged to hang on to something all the while, they are doing what they want. I’ve shut some access doors and if a week goes by and I receive no messages, I will be happy.

But I’m also like a kid at Christmas waiting to see how GOD is going to do this. From the outside it looks like a done deal, but it looked like that before.But God sees and knows something we don’t know. So when you are looking at a situation and it looks like it’s a done deal, if God says it isn’t, that means it isn’t. God knows it’s fragile and God knows what can blow it apart.

I know dishonesty y is one of the things that can destroy relationships. A lot of women feel they have to lie, in order to get a man. But then the relationship is on a shaky foundation. I was talking to a woman not too long ago and she was saying she understood why a woman would take something to her grave. In other words, she understood that it was necessary to hide something in order to get a man. Honestly, it kind of makes you understand why people resort to detective work. You almost have to because people are just not honest.

I am committed to telling the truth about it all. But God has a way of letting the truth come to the surface. I really hate to see people deceived. But sometimes we have to let God do it. Love it blind, but at some point the scales will come off. This is going to be interesting!

John 8:32

New International Version (NIV)

32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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