The Pain of Letting Go

letting-go-of-a-relationshipI posted something here yesterday and God corrected me. You see, as a seer, not everything you see has to, or will happen. Sometimes it’s just a warning. I believe God is showing me that about a situation.

I saw something repeat with another woman getting in trouble with the law. But I believe it doesn’t have to happen if the situation is stopped. I now believe that it won’t happen because someone else is going to let go.

The process of letting go is not going to be easy. It’s especially hard when people are emotionally involved with each other. Soul-ties have been formed and futures planned and people see themselves together in the future.

I truly hope this one does not have to escalate to that level. That is my prayer! But I had a dream about this dog that would not die. It kept getting kicked and abused and I remember when I had this dream, just when I thought the dog was dead, it stood up again.

Some would call it unconditional love, but others would call it, not discerning when to let go. Yes, it seems like the greatest love of all is to take abuse and love that person no matter what, but some women are like that because they don’t know when and where to draw the line.

This is going to be difficult. It’s going to take a while to get that person out of your spirit. For someone reading this, you are about to begin the very painful process of letting go. The truth is you already know it, and you have known it for some time, but you just keep getting sucked back in. Keep fasting and praying. God is going to help you with this. Be strong, and honest and don’t lead the person on anymore when you KNOW there is no future.

Luke 22:42

Amplified Bible (AMP)

42 Saying, Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but [[a]always] Yours be done.

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