Trust Me!

broken heartToday, I heard the Lord say that loud and clear. But sometimes it’s not easy to trust God when the circumstance looks like it’s going the opposite of how you think it should go. But the Lord told me, he is looking at the heart and things are NOT what they appear.

One of my fellow bloggers was encouraging me in the best way she could, but I don’t think she understand that I cannot help what I see. That is why I changed the name of my blog to A Prophetic Walk. It’s an odd peculiar walk that the average person cannot understand.

So the Lord asked me a question. He asked me if I wanted my mate NOW or after He (God) changed him into that new man. Well I knew the answer to that question. Then God told me that old man won’t commit no matter what, even under the guise of “love”. Wow.

Of course the Lord began to remind me of everything he already told me and not one word has fallen to the ground. He showed me the deception and arrogance of the “other woman” and reminded me that she too would have to fall. So if God showed me ALL OF THIS ahead of time, why am I concerned? Probably because it does not feel good.

There is a danger in putting too much out there before you even meet a person. All I know is this man may think he has a clue as to who and what he is dealing with, but he doesn’t. She is no different then the others. She wants to prove a point by getting a “prize”. She was just more crafty about getting it. But people have to find out for themselves.

It is going to be interesting to see how this is going to end, but I should not be concerned. I’ve faced the impossible.before. My house came days from being auctioned off on two occasions, BUT GOD!

This challenge is no different then the last one. God has got it. But it’s not going to be pretty! Both he and “the other woman” must be broken and that is the purpose of this “love”. It’s not about marriage, but it’s about the beginning of the end and the breaking of two people.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna enjoy my life and that may mean a dinner date on occasion. I don’t have a ring on my finger, so there is NOTHING wrong with that. (my thoughts) lol

Luke 1:37

King James Version (KJV)

37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

5 thoughts on “Trust Me!

  1. I was just editing an old draft getting ready to publish and it was all about Trusting God. So When the next thing I read was your first two sentences on this post, I just had to let you know that there was a confirmation. From one walking with God on this usual walk, to another, He is Good and Trustworthy! Blessings to you Sister!

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