Love Series: Trusting Delilah

Some people will lie to get what they want! Beware!!!

A Prophetic Walk

the_bible_collection_samson_and_dalilah_en_01I started to blog about Samson earlier, but changed my mind until someone shared a dream they had and in the dream the man had long curly hair. It was then that I knew that I was on point writing about Samson. I knew God was saying that someone was like Samson.

The problem with Samson was that he opened his heart to the wrong women. Oh, Delilah seemed like the right woman, but she was not. Little did Samson know that she was sharing his secrets behind his back and was a PERPETUAL LIAR. Sometimes I wonder what happened to Samson that he trusted Delilah even after he began to see the truth about her. It’s really quite sad because it was to his detriment.

As I was thinking about Samson, I realize that his SUCCESS blinded him. So Samson thought God was still with him. But one…

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