God’s Wisdom

stop-signI am learning that we have to obey God even in the small things. I’ve had too many times when I missed God and the best training is to obey, even when you don’t understand.

I have been without internet for a while now, but I finally had some money set aside to sign up with a new company. The.company I was going to sign up with was 4g internet, good price and so I was all set to sign up, but for some reason, I just felt hesitant. Finally I googled the company and to my shock there were TONS of negative reviews on the company. That gave me pause, but after calling the company and talking to a young man, he explained some things and I felt better about signing up.

I won’t go into everything that happened after that, but every time I tried to sign up, I was blocked for various reasons. Then the final time that I attempted to sign up, there was a great promotion going on and the next day, when I was actually going to do it, the promotion was gone. Well I know a stop sign when I see one.

Well, a few days later, my cell phone company offered a hotspot for only 10 additional dollars and so I was ecstatic about that because it will be a great savings and I believe for now, it serves the purpose.

This may not seem that profound, but to me, I listened to a stop sign, waited and made a smart move.

For a while now God has been stopping me from making a move. Now I see clearly the wisdom of it. RIght now, it’s not something I am even considering because I am listening to God. And this evening something happened YET AGAIN, that made me so grateful I did not move.

I’ve grown weary of some foolishness and me seeing a snake frozen on my computer screen let’s me know that no matter what, you’d better listen to GOD’S WISDOM! THANK YOU JESUS!

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