Pop Culture: The Manti Te’o Saga

mantiSince I haven’t been posting, I missed writing about a lot of current events, but I knew I would have to talk about this one, when I got online.

I’m sure by now you have heard about the football player that had a cyber relationship with who he thought was a woman, but actually turned out to be a man. I’ve talked a lot of cyber relationships, so you know this story got my attention.

If you haven’t heard, Manti Te’o plays for Notre Dame and he had a relationship with a “girlfriend” which was conducted EXCLUSIVELY online. Yes, that means, although they graduated to talking on the phone, he NEVER  physically met the woman. Not once. I’m not sure of the amount of time, but he fell “in love” with this “woman”, but what he didn’t know was that he was being “catfished”.

If you don’t know what it means to be cat-fished, it’s term that came about when another young man did a documentary about falling in love with this woman on Facebook and finding out her entire profile turned out to be fake. The pictures were of someone else and a middle-aged, married woman with kids turned out to be behind the profile. To be cat-fished means to be fooled by someone online in a love relationship.

But back to Manti. Eventually the young man behind the scam decided it was time to kill off his fake persona and he told Manti that the girl friend (Lennay Kekua) had died from cancer. (I know it’s crazy, but I believe it happened).

Mantis story is a sign of the times when we live in. We are in an online age and just about everything is conducted online, even “serious” relationships. I think it’s a sad state of affairs on so many levels.

First, is the man who deceived Manti. I really detest fake stuff online. To me there is nothing worse than pretending to be someone else online. It’s a sign that something is very wrong.

manti_te_o__playing_through_tremendous_adversity__hd_-1Then there is Manti. You really have to wonder about a young man who says he has a girlfriend, but he’s never met her physically. He’s young, so I can see it happening, but honestly, if you NEVER meet the person, SOMETHING IS WRONG!

This story had me intrigued because I know of situations where people have met online and it worked out. But the key was, they didn’t stay in cyberspace very long. Then I know of situations where the people NEVER met, yet they claimed they were so deeply in love.

Honestly, I have no patience for a cyber relationships. It’s too easy to be duped. People can become anything or anybody online. They can lure you with words of flattery, saying all the right things and you can end up totally deceived. No thanks!

I’m sure Manti learned a valuable lesson. If I were him, I would steer clear of any online relationship!

4 thoughts on “Pop Culture: The Manti Te’o Saga

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly here. Sometimes people fall in love with the idea of love, the real thing is too hard to bring into reality or maintain. If they stay in an online relationship long enough to have “fallen in love” then they are obviously not understanding what a genuine relationship is. You can’t see someones flaws exposed online, and you can’t love someone until you love them flaws and all. It sure is a crazy world!

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