The Warning

system-slider-fog-blinkerstopYesterday, I posted a link to a message that got my attention. When I first heard the message, I honestly got scared because I know when God is sending a warning.

Well today as I listened to the message again, the Father reminded me of a vision that he gave me several years ago. God showed me that He is going to publicly expose someone  who I am connected to. What is amazing is that at the time God spoke to me, I was in no way connected to this person and had no way of being connected…BUT GOD!

As I listened to the message, I realize that God is about to do what He said. What is awesome about God is that he ALWAYS gives us time to repent and change our ways and the message confirmed to me that there is a brief window of time for that person to repent, which is 40 days.

So what does it all mean?. It means the thing that I have been warning someone about does NOT have to happen as long as that individual changes their behavior. That means they have to STOP doing some things..

My hope and prayer is that it won’t happen, but unless that person does a complete turnaround I am afraid it will happen just as God said.

I am going to get myself prepared for aiding and assisting that person through the storm as God has planned. Yeah, I know. Someone is saying, it will never happen. But I know better. I’ve been down this road before. What God says will come to pass and the sign that it’s soon is the clear warning in yesterday’s message.

Isaiah 46:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 I make known the end from the beginning,
from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
and I will do all that I please.’

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