The Third Day

On Monday, I was trying to post a YouTube to this blog and I inserted the address, and and entirely different YouTube came up. It was a totally different minister. Well I copied and pasted the link again and the same thing happened. Well, from experience I knew that God wanted me to listen to that minister. At the end of the message the minister mentioned 3-days. Well when I heard that, I knew God was speaking to me.

Well this morning on Facebook someone posted that this was Friday, but it was the THIRD DAY! I nearly feel off my bed when I read it. I knew God was speaking to me about something very specific, but I also felt something not so good in my spirit. Like good and bad all at once.

Then the Lord revealed to me that something was taking place TODAY that would both bless me and also, not be so pleasant, but to not be moved because his purpose and plan would still prevail. Yes, I knew all of this PROPHETICALLY. Nobody told me anything.

Honestly, you don’t have a clue what I have had to endure to carry the vision of God and I fear that things are about to get worse before they get better, but I heard the Lord say to trust Him.

Sometimes it get’s worse before it gets better (if that is even possible). Yes, this is the third day. Death and Resurrection all in the same day.


8 thoughts on “The Third Day

  1. God had seriously blessed me through this as well. I’ve been growing in every facet as I rely and trust in him more and more. My gift of sight had taken off! And the fruit of the Spirit is sooooo evident in my life.

    Let’s hope this third day is something fantastic!

  2. Just realized my long post didn’t stick. Being three third time I tried to post and lost it, I’m believing God does not want me to share what I keep trying to say. Just know my life and marriage has a not always fun/scary rollercoaster ride since your Dec. 21st post.

    When you write, I take head because they all manifest on the day you write. even the Samson, and trickster ones (I’ll leave at that as instructed by my King).

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