Great Days

I had a great weekend. This past Sunday, we had Pastor Darlene Bishop as our guest speaker and Vickie Yohe as the guest Psalmist. If you are not familiar with the ministry of these two powerhouse women, I’ve posted two clips at the bottom.

Saturday was great because I was able to get a financial return on the formula God has given me. That was awesome! I know that God is with me. Then I have been so busy, I’ve not had a lot of time to dwell on other things and so I am a lot happier.

I shared that my prophetic mentor mentioned a lot of emotional turmoil concerning love. Well guess what?? Being super busy is the cure. I haven’t had time to even think about that stuff and I am less affected by what is going on.

I am expecting this year to be the best ever. And my expectation is in GOD and not man. And guess what? God can make a man or woman do what they NEVER thought they would do. Just watch and see! 😉

I’ve posted this clip on here before. Here it is again. It’s one of my favorites

Vicki Yohe