Here is Where I Am

keep-calm-and-settle-down-2I was reading an old post that I had written and had to chuckle because our understanding of God’s will is progressive. Just wanted to share some insights for those who are regular readers.

Recently, I received a word from the Lord from my prophetic mentors son that said God was going to make me move. I immediately thought geographical. But then when my sister said she was going to move back into the house, that thought left me. But what is funny is my prophetic mentor  (the father) sent me a word saying SETTLE DOWN because matters of love and emotions where having an effect on me!!! So the plot thickens. God has revealed to me what I knew all along. Moving would have been the biggest mistake ever. Right now, had I moved, I would have gone through the worse heartbreak ever.

When I look back, I see, I was being influenced to move without a commitment and then, I received what seemed to be confirmations, the only thing is the revelation of moving was wrong. I will never forget fasting and praying asking God about it and the Lord spoke through this sermon that entitled “You are the one, this is the place and now is the time”. Then the minister said, “and you don’t have to run up to that city either”. And it was the city I was considering moving to.

I understand so much now. The Lord chastised me last year for promising someone I was moving because it created hope when I said I was coming and disappointment when I didn’t. But I was sincere, just didn’t know it wasn’t for me to move.

Here is where I am. I believe the vision God showed me is true, but the method is not going to be through ME moving. Guess who is going to have to take a step of faith?? Boaz will have to take the step of faith.

Meanwhile, I am going to do my home daycare and safely wait for what God said. Anyway, something that is still alive, must die and that is one of the main reasons I know it’s not for me to move. The same situation cropped up every time I tried to move in the past and that was the biggest stop sign ever. That and lack of provision was a sure NO.

If you wait long enough, time and circumstances will give you the clarity you need. Never rush into anything. Time will reveal all things.

1 Corinthians 4:5

New International Version (NIV)

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.

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