2013: I Guess I Better Keep Posting

black-woman-computer-e1289253158883There is nothing more satisfying than to see what God has shown you, begin to happen. But I am not one to gloat. I am really concerned because God showed me the mental and emotional state of an acquaintance and how that person was a powder keg about to explode and it’s much worse than people really know.

Recently, this person was venting to me about some real deep trouble and I know they are on the edge because I have seen them get to this place before, almost to ending their life.. Today, I felt a real burden all day. I was trying to enjoy a movie, but by the end of the movie, I felt that kind of burden that I feel when I know that something not so good is going on. It wasn’t until thirty mins ago that, I saw some stuff that didn’t look so good, and then I understood what I was praying for.

I’m like a mother hen sometimes. Most mothers hens want to protect their children from going through certain things and that is how I am about the things I see. People think you want to spoil their fun, but I want people to avoid going through certain things that God has shown me. But the best lessons are learned through life experience. Perhaps the next time that person will avoid it, but sometimes another big, huge, life altering lesson is what people need. Sadly, this one has already begun!

I went through some things recently, and they were lessons well learned. And even though they were painful, I have to say….it was good for me to be afflicted. And after this lesson, that will be what someone well say as well.

Psalm 119:71

Amplified Bible (AMP)

71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn Your statutes.

Faith TabernacleJanuary 1, 2013
SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by MARSHA BURNS: This is a time when your choices will produce greater consequences than ever.  Take the time necessary to make decisions that will produce the best outcome possible, both spiritually and naturally.  Make the effort to break free of all entanglements that keep you from positive spiritual progression, says the Lord.  Seek Me for strength and liberty from all bondage.Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

Entering 2013

2013As I enter 2013, I have a sobering feeling. I was in church for New Years Eve service and even though I am recovering from a cold, I pressed my way to church, and boy and I glad that I did.

It’s so important to start your year off right, and I am determined to do just that. We always start with some sort of fast, but for me, it’s imperative that I know what direction I am to go. It’s not as clear as one would think. I was talking to my sister about it a bit as we rode to church and she said something significant. She said only go if you have peace.

Well, I don’t have peace, so I must seek the Lord. But this time I cannot waver with whatever God has said. Then there are some soul-ties that MUST  be broken and I plan to go into the realm of the spirit and do just that.  I am dealing with a repeat scenario, but this time, I am not as bothered as I was the first time because God already told me, that it may go the same way as the last situation and I know I can take that to the bank. Plus last year, I fasted and prayed and God said it was dead. Now I have to watch the death. So I got it covered, but I am tired of looking at the situation, so I’m about to send up some timber and shut it down..

As I enter 2013, I feel more confident in destiny. I can sense another level and I was looking back at some old dreams and some of them read like the morning news. One spoke of two “funerals” and I am waiting for number two and then DESTINY.

All that we are passing through is preparing us for the next level. The greater the storm, the higher the level. I am in AWE of my God. THIS IS IT!.

Faith TabernacleDecember 31,  2012
THE TRUMPET by BILL BURNS:I am coming to you in greater measure and clarity than you have ever experienced, says the Lord.  I will come to you in night visions.  I will come to you in dreams. I will come to you in daytime visions.   I will come to you when you are praying.  I will come to you when you are meditating on My word.  And, I will begin to reveal to you the hidden mysteries that have been saved for this time.  I have some things to teach you and to show you.  Get ready, for My work is about to be demonstrated in you, says the Most Holy.  Watch!  Learn!  Listen!  Obey!  For, you shall be well pleased with the demonstration of My power that comes flowing into your life like a mighty rushing river; like a wind that is blowing through the tops of the trees. Listen for My voice, for My truth will set you free.