Love Series: Stopped Before It’s Started

stopMy regular readers know I shared about this minister that I had a crush on at my church and now he is gone and started his own church. I was considering going to the church “just to see”. So when I prayed about it and asked my friend about going, my Pastor mentioned a not so good situation that Sunday and the story he told made me halt. My friend and I looked at each other and she said, “we won’t be going there”.

Just recently someone hurt me, yet again for the umpteenth time and I started thinking I wanted to go see about this man again and then God reminded me of a dream I had showing me that God had stopped that situation before it had a chance to get started.

Seems like it’s the story of my life. I had a few handsome suitors come along admiring me, but God stops it before it even get’s started. But now that I look back at it, I have to say that I am glad. When my husband finds me, he is going to find a clean slate and not a divided heart soul-tied to the past. And when I say that I love him ONLY, it will not be just flattering words because I want something from him. It will be the truth.

I used to lament that God had kept me. Now I celebrate it. I haven’t created any exes and I’m glad about it!! My husband whoever he is and wherever he is going to be BLESSED!!

Genesis 2:23

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

23 The man said,“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.She will be named woman because she was taken from man.”

The Breaking of Samson

heartbreakSamson was a man who was very much  controlled by his flesh. The sad thing about Samson is that he lived recklessly and never believed that his day would come for retribution. The Bible is very clear. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that’s what he will reap. So if you have sowed  deception, you will end up being deceived. If you sow heartbreak, you will end up reaping a broken heart.

One of the saddest stories about Samson is when he felt he had found who he was supposed to marry and she ended up going to another man. This was Samson big payback.  It’s a dramatic story in Judges 14 and in the end the “marriage” of Samson did not work out. Though the bible says they were “married” the relationship was never consummated. In those days an engagement constituted a marriage and then consummation came.

This  story reminds me of a prophetic dream friend of mine had. She saw a specific christian celebrity man falling deeply in love with the woman but the woman ended up breaking his heart like it had never been broken before.

The “marriage” of Samson, was of the Lord. But it didn’t work out and the purpose was not to live happily ever after. The purpose was to break Samson. Sadly he still didn’t learn his lesson because later he got hooked up with Delilah and that brought about his total demise.

Judges 14:19-20

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

19 When the Lord’s Spirit came over him, he went to Ashkelon and killed 30 men there. He took their clothes and gave them to the men who solved the riddle. He was angry, and he went to his father’s house.20 Samson’s wife was given to his best man.