I Wanted to Take a Break

I keep sending out blog posts wishing extending holiday greetings ahead of time and saying I am going to take a hiatus. But the truth is I need to write because if I don’t I will burst. I’m not even sure if anyone is reading my posts anymore, but that is okay. This is cathartic and anyone who is reading is just looking in.

I was reading a blog post about a woman dealing with the demise of her marriage and it’s so painful to read. I feel her sadness. It’s terrible to be rejected by someone. And it’s sad that some men are so narcissistic that they still want to hang around and they don’t realize that you hurt the woman when you do that.

It’s kind of cruel. But you have to let people do what they do and they will get what is due them for the things that they do.

Sometimes I chuckle when I think about how some men will emotionally abuse women and then think they are going to live happily ever after. I know of a situation where a Pastor divorced his wife for no reason and now his ministry is not flourishing and he has to downsize, but sometimes men never make the connection. It’s connected.

How you treat people will affect how God treats you. You don’t emotionally abuse hundreds of woman and then get married and live happily ever after. I’ve seen it happen. The player usually wakes up in a nightmare ad often God allows him to be fooled.

Just venting. I wanted to take a break, but I can’t. But I have made a commitment to no longer respond to certain things. I might not have to worry about that, but just like this dream I had recently. If that dream manifests, I plan on running in the opposite direction.

I’m on my way to Ybor City…Mr. Right! lol

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