A Word In Season

confusionI was just about to get really stressed about something when I pulled up the following word. Thank God for these devotionals…


Stay calm even when you are assaulted with confusion and chaos.  Be quiet and ask for wisdom, and I will show you how to deal with every situation.  This is momentary, and there is no need to allow unnecessary stress to hinder you or distort your perspective.  Be quiet, says the Lord, and let Me help you.

Psalms 131:2 Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, Like a weaned child with his mother; Like a weaned child is my soul within me.

6 thoughts on “A Word In Season

  1. Seriously!? Exactly what I was under yesterday around this time. I have every Biblically justified reason to leave my husband (infidelity, abuse, abandonment, definitely unequally yoked) and tons of proof to make sure he would never stop supporting us financially with just about all of his paycheck. However, God knows I want my man. I don’t want to find someone new!

    God helped me to speak gently when I have ever right to flip out instead. He helped me to forgiving so He could come in and swoop me up in his arms to FIL me with hope, love, and gladness.

    this will be a long road to regain my trust, but with God we will make it and be stronger than ever before!

  2. From what I understand this kind of heart infidelity that leads to physical affair is common in the church. Hopefully the Christian counselor we will go to will be able to fully understand and help.

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