I’m not falling for this again!

A Prophetic Walk

I’m sure that title got your attention. The phrase “okie-doke” is used in the urban community and it means: Believing a lie; falling for a scam; a con-game; untruths; fraud etc.

The other day I said I was going to share a series of reblogs, but actually I felt the one I shared was enough. It was the post about the Tiger Woods syndrome. The post speaks for itself. Well this post is along similar lines.

Single ladies, let’s not fall for the same old stuff from the past. Have you ever had things said to you time and time again and then the minute you starting believing, it turned out to be a lie? Well I have had that happen too many times for me to count.

Honestly, I am grateful for all I’ve gone through because I have learned some great lessons and now I kind of understand my…

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