A Snake In The Christmas Tree

I was reading a story that a man shared on Facebook, about how his friend brought home a live tree and to her dismay, there was a snake in the tree! Now you all know I have talked a lot about having snake dreams. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I don’t know who this if for, but I heard the Lord say, that the story was prophetic. For someone there is going to be a “snake” in their Christmas.

I’m not talking about not getting presents and stuff. What I mean is someone who has an expectation of something this Christmas, is going to be sorely disappointed.

I no longer expect gifts and things around Christmas. I have not been around family for years now, during the holiday, so when the holiday comes around, I just decorate my house and prepare my dinner and make the best of it.

It’s good to have a sense of expectancy, but your expectancy must be from God. We must be careful that we don’t make anything or anyone an idol. Someone has made something or someone  an idol and God is not pleased, so this Christmas will be disappointing to them. For them there’s going to be a snake in the tree.

Lamentations 3:37

New International Version (NIV)

37 Who can speak and have it happen
if the Lord has not decreed it?

Romans 8:28

New International Version (NIV)

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been calledaccording to his purpose.

15 thoughts on “A Snake In The Christmas Tree

  1. Wow, this has freaked me out a bit…I feel I need to write about it and ask you what you think??
    I’m not very advanced in the prophetic stuff yet but I’m very drawn to it and learning a lot from you and others like you…I was even given a prophetic word about you before I came across your blog early this year – that we were walking a similar path but that you were more mature and advanced but that I would learn much from you and I have, countless times!

    Anyway, get this…in the early morning of 12 Dec 2012 I have a dream shortly before waking of looking up into a tree above me and I see a really thick yellow snake (like we get in my rural area: Cape Cobra’s – highly venomous). I woke up a bit shaken by it. I’m not at all advanced or experienced in dream interpretation yet, but whenever I’ve dreamt about a snake over the years, it’s always proved to be a warning of a demonic attack. So when I dream about a snake(s), I take note!!!
    THEN, later that same morning at about 9am, I was watering my seedlings outside when I look to my right and see a huge (fresh) snake skin just 3 metres from my bedroom sliding door, lying underneath a tree! It was of a Puff Adder (also highly venomous and very prolific in the area I live).
    However, I have never seen such a huge snake skin before! It must have been shed within the previous 2 days because it was not there 2 days previously when I watered my seedlings.

    I have two large dogs (who are like children to me) who I am always concerned about because of the number of highly venomous snakes in my area (the smallholding I live on is bordered by indigenous forest).
    I asked my garden worker to pick the snake skin up – I didn’t even want to touch it! And the mouth was gaping wide open as if in mid-strike and even the eye sockets (rather large!) were perfectly intact. Needless to say, it had quite a shocking effect.
    That it was so close to my living area is rather concerning because if it shed it’s skin there, it must live close by!

    THEN, I check my emails shortly afterwards and feel like I’m hit with a ton of bricks when I see your latest post on a snake in the Christmas tree!! I have been seriously pondering this all for the last 2 days…I do not need any more disappointments or demonic attacks, believe me!
    Regarding the part in your blog post about something being an idol, I honestly just don’t feel that is for me – I thoroughly checked myself and asked the Lord but I’m always very careful about that specifically, as I learnt a hard lesson with making something an idol several years ago.

    You write about it in a symbolic sense – regarding disappointment – which I truly hope is not for me, but perhaps it also could be a warning in the physical sense??
    The Lord has many times warned me of dangerous snakes and protected me and my dogs countless times. I pray daily for our protection and rely on him completely for it as it is really out of my control.
    I have actually planned a huge garden overhaul for the next 2-3 weeks in making my outdoor living area less welcoming to snakes, and I wonder if the Lord is impressing on me to be much more vigilant – especially regarding snakes in trees as I seldom look up!! I have also planned with my ggarden helper’s assistance to move several large boulders where I suspect snakes may be nesting, so it may cause some unwelcome disturbance to the wildlife for a time.

    Just two weeks ago, I had to cut down a 17 year old bouganvillea pergola over the walkway leading to my front door because of two rather large Cape Cobra’s having moved into it to mate!
    This was my first warning to start looking up – I think!
    What do you think of all this?? I have never been so disturbed by a blog post before!
    I do trust in God completely – I rely on Him completely not just for my safety and those I love but for everything else too – one of the reasons I identify with your posts so much…
    Anyway, I seldom have time to be able to write such a missive, but this has really rattled me (no pun intended! We don’t get rattlers in my country, thank the Lord!).

    • Wow, my mouth is hanging open. First I want to say to just calm down and pray. (I’m sure you have). I know when something hit’s me like, this hit you, I usually have to get a hold to my emotions and pray, meditate and wait on God until it’s all revealed. Sometimes, we have to wait and see what God was talking about, but I believe God is definitely speaking. Just continue to pray and take authority over the enemy. It could be a warning of an attack, so just be prayerful! I will be praying too my friend. It could be something God wants you to avoid. No ever warning will happen. Some times we just need to adjust our behaviour.

      Wow, I am amazed at what God is doing. I had the hardest time posting this one because I am on a company unsecured internet line (sorry if that is wrong) but it’s all I have right now. 🙂 Please keep me posted and feel free to email me. We are definitely connected. I’m amazed at that one too!!

      • Thank you, I will be doing all that! The Lord has been speaking to me in various different ways about a soon coming breakthrough that I have been waiting and trusting for, for almost 7 years now…I know that any major breakthrough is usually opposed (or tried to oppose) by the enemy so I’m wondering if this has something to do with it – there have been other things I haven’t mentioned (too long to detail) leading up to these latest 3 occurences I just told you about. All seemingly having sinister connotations to them – rat, scorpions, another small snake getting into my bedroom in a way I would never have believed had I not seen it for myself, etc. etc.

        This all started happening just after I recently received 3 major prophecies in a short space of time – all confirming and elaborating on previous words/visions I’d received. The spiritual warfare has been intense for a long time (coming out of what I was in) but finally I have confirmation that I now have the enemy by the neck – which is no small thing from what I’ve gone through! So, I’m sure he’s not just gonna roll over and quietly slink away, especially as he had me by the neck for a long time!
        So far I feel I must stay very aware looking through spiritual eyes…and I am staying prayerful throughout. I just wish I was more experienced in the prophetic already…

        Anyway, I’m grateful for your input and confirmation. There have been those that have accused me of “being wonky/extreme/unbalanced” when I’ve expressed what I’ve felt/experienced as they feel it is all just a matter of fact and has no deeper meaning to any of it (so I mostly just keep my thoughts to myself and my mouth shut now), but it’s been quite lonely not to be able to discuss and share how I’m feeling and bounce things off someone who is more open to seeing through spiritual eyes and not just in the natural.

        Your many posts over this last year have helped me tremendously with what I’ve been going through – particularly to understand it all and be able to articulate it (if only to myself!). It has been a great encouragement and confirmation many times to me.
        Most of the time you are talking about a specific thing that is not my own story at all, but it never ceases to amaze me how the principles and just the words you use prophetically are spot-on accurate for what I’m going through or as confirmation of what God has been saying to me, regarding a completely different topic.

        I’ve been very isolated this last year due to certain circumstances and it has also even been very comforting to know that someone else (you) has been going through many similar struggles and trials – not nice for you I know, but it has been an encouragement and comfort to me often that I am not alone in what I’m going through and your determination and resolve to stand firm and keep trusting no matter what has bolstered me too!
        So thank you for that as well!

        Anyway, sorry to post such ridiculously long comments – I haven’t seen an email address for you, so everyone will just have to get to read this! lol Good thing I’m anonymous! 🙂
        You may only now have become aware of me, but I’ve felt very connected to you for many months already. God always makes me smile & shake my head at the ways He uses to minister to me and the way He chooses to use others, often without them even being aware of it. 🙂

      • I was thinking that we should start emailing each other. This won’t surprise you, but I felt in my spirit that God was sending someone that I needed to start communicating with via email. I think it could be you.let me know how you feel about it…

  2. Wow, actually, I am surprised, although considering several things happening of late, I probably shouldn’t be…
    But after praying about and considering it, I feel I would also like to correspond – I think I might be ‘that person’ too…although your invitation is very unexpected and I’d never considered something like this coming my way before; I do feel quite privileged and appreciate the offer. 🙂
    (Another reason I’m surprised is because some of your blog posts mentioned a few bad experiences you’ve had with emailing people.)
    Anyhow, I actually wrote you quite a long reply (by the way, be warned: you’ll find I haven’t quite learnt the art of writing short emails!) detailing why I agree that your invitation to correspond does seem to be prompted by the Lord and possibly relates to me.
    I wanted to know what you thought in reply, as I’m not totally sure, but that could be because I’m still a tad slow at ‘getting with the programme’ when it comes to prophetic things like this…
    However, I decided not to post my full reply publicly, but rather email it to you instead when I have your address.
    So, this is just my interim reply for now…lol

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