God Will Stop It!

STOP SIGNHave you ever had something come along that was intimidating to your destiny. Well if you have, FEAR NOT.

Recently, something like that has cropped up and in the natural it would seem that it would stop my destiny. I had so many dreams warning me of this, but one dream stands out very clear. In the dream I was encouraging this person to connect with someone he wanted to meet. Well finally the meeting was about to occur and God stepped in and stopped it.

I’m not sure of the details of how and what, but I do know when God says not to worry nothing is going to happen, you can take that to the bank. But even if something appears to be going in the opposite direction, rest assure, God has a purpose even for that.

Early this year, I fasted and prayed about this and God said it was dead. So I reckon it dead. And even if it’s appears to be alive, God says it’s dead. Actually when God tells you something is dead and it appears alive, it’s only because it’s really about to die in the natural. GOD WILL STOP IT!

The enemy may have a plan,and sometimes it’s not even the enemy. It’s just human desire. No matter what it is, if it’s not in the PERFECT plan of God, don’t worry, God will STOP IT!


Release yourself from all worry, doubt and fear.  These emotions stand in stark contrast to faith and trust in Me, says the Lord, and will take you where you do not want to go, actually hindering in your walk in the Spirit.  Set your face towards peace–inner peace, the peace that surpasses what your circumstances look like.  Walk by faith and not by sight.  Be strong and unwavering.

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