This bear repeating. BEWARE!

A Prophetic Walk

We must be careful of words of flattery! I remember not to long ago  I met a gentleman and instantly after talking to me for about 15 minutes he launched into flattering words about how pretty I was and how when I listened to him my eyes penetrated his soul and how he would make me a good man and how he would treat me well. Then he started talking about meeting his mom and how she would love me and how he could tell I’m a woman of substance.

Now I want to say he was on target in his assessment of me (LOL) but honestly who says all of that in a 30 minute conversation. I kept thinking this man didn’t even know me. Well he gave me his number and I called him and talked to him once, but honestly I was being lured in by words…

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The Life of Pi

Life of PiIf you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I am a big movie goer and often God will use what I see to speak to me.

Recently I went to see the LIfe of PI and I had no intention of seeing this movie. When I see a trailer for a movie, I can pretty much tell if it’s a movie I want to see and when I saw the trailer for this one, I had no desire to see it. But the other day, I heard a still small voice that told me to see it because there was a message in it. After I saw the movie, I have to say it wasn’t a bad movie at all, but I didn’t get the message immediately.

As I thought about it later on that evening, I knew the message God was trying to speak to me. Without spoiling the movie, sometimes people establish connections with people that they think will last for a lifetime, but in the end what and who they thought they had will just walk away because their nature has not changed. God used this movie to show me that a connection I was concerned about was just that fragile.

I will give the movie a C+. If you want to see a story you have never seen on-screen before, you’ll enjoy this movie. It was a very different movie.