Love Series: What’s Good For The Goose

A while back I shared about the vision God gave me about my mate, watching him go through wrong relationships and speaking to them. That has happened, but last Christmas a prophetess gave me a word about a man in my church observing me and then another one coming. He has since left the church, but I sometimes think that if anything escalates on the other side of the vision, God will allow me to enjoy my life as well.

I used to think God was unfair. Why do I have to watch him do what he wants and then I have to sit and feel bad? But last year, I really felt that if he (the one God showed me) willfully chooses to go in another direction, God will allow me to do the same, even if temporarily.

Today I saw something on a message board that said, “A Change is Gonna Come”, by Sam Cooke. Something tells me something has gone from just words to manifestation. I could be wrong, but all I have to say it, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 😉 I’m NOT waiting around.goose

4 thoughts on “Love Series: What’s Good For The Goose

  1. Hi, after my, perhaps challenging, comments on the previous post, I would like to add a thought here.
    You have spoken wistfully about finding the right man, God’s husband.
    I am speaking from the opposite side here. I am ecstatically married to a most wonderful wife. She is my Esther, a woman of God’s provision.
    You see, my Christian wife of 30 years had betrayed me with an affair, and despite me forgiving her, still walked out on me. I was devastated, but believing for God’s deliverance. I battled in the spirit for restoration for a full year until God clearly told me to stop.

    God had in fact another woman. During her mid twenties, after a few painful experiences, he told the Lord that she didn’t want to go out with any man until she met her husband. She was now just short of fifty, and faithfully serving and listening to the Lord as a single woman.
    God prophetically put us together 6 years ago, and my life has started again, more wonderful than it ever had been before. Our life is a roller coaster of joy, day by day.

    I wanted to encourage you. This is a very potted history, leaving out many incredible parts of God’s leading us into marriage. God is certainly faithful, and still does today, the sort of things we read in the bible.
    Be thoroughly blessed in seeking out the man of God for your life. God still does it! My wife and I are living proof.

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