Love Series: What’s Good For The Goose

A while back I shared about the vision God gave me about my mate, watching him go through wrong relationships and speaking to them. That has happened, but last Christmas a prophetess gave me a word about a man in my church observing me and then another one coming. He has since left the church, but I sometimes think that if anything escalates on the other side of the vision, God will allow me to enjoy my life as well.

I used to think God was unfair. Why do I have to watch him do what he wants and then I have to sit and feel bad? But last year, I really felt that if he (the one God showed me) willfully chooses to go in another direction, God will allow me to do the same, even if temporarily.

Today I saw something on a message board that said, “A Change is Gonna Come”, by Sam Cooke. Something tells me something has gone from just words to manifestation. I could be wrong, but all I have to say it, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 😉 I’m NOT waiting around.goose