An Amazing Day

rock concertToday I went to the house of the Lord with great expectation and I was not disappointed! God spoke in a most unique way. It’s so important to go to the house of the Lord. No one is exempt from going to church, so don’t let the devil deceive you and make you think that you don’t have to go.

My Pastor preached a very unique message. I knew God was speaking to me because the message was about focusing on the negative and not keeping your eye on the prize. I also understood that God was telling me, to not be too religious and miss out on what He is doing. And my Pastor gave a great example.

Recently my Pastor went to a concert to see a secular artist and God really was sending him on a mission. He said the music was so, so, and he didn’t want the entertainers products, but God told him to buy them anyway, enabling him to speak with the artist. There was cursing at the concert and in general it was worldly, but God sent my Pastor there.

After the concert, he came face to face with the entertainer and told him there was a call on his life and that he had been running from the call. He said the artist immediately began to cry and hug him and confirm that the word of the Lord was true.

I can’t explain it all, but I left church knowing that God was telling me to look pass the little annoyances, don’t be so religious, and just be a friend to who he sends into my life, no matter what their spiritual state is. Just love them and don’t judge them.

I am actually living through that now. The friend that I spend the most time with is unsaved and an ex-stripper!! Imagine that!! Who would have thought I would have a friend who was once a stripper! But God is getting rid of the last bit of religiosity that may be in me, so that I can love and reach His people. It was indeed an amazing day!

Mark 16:15

New International Version (NIV)

15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.