Love Series: What You See Is Not What You Get

cyber loveI recently shared a post about a “couple” who seem to have connected online and how God revealed to me that the woman was in love with an image. ( The only reason I inquired of the Lord is because He showed me in a dream that this “couple” had come into my house. The Lord was letting me know that this connection could somehow affect me.

Well, I also had some questions about the mans side of it and when I asked the Lord about it, He told me “he is in love with how she makes him feel”. That made sense to me because I believe it very much the truth, but then the Lord reminded me of my knowledge and interactions with the woman and I know for a fact what has been presented online is not the reality of who she is

I won’t detail my own experiences, other than the fact that there have been times when that individual became very heavy to carry (friendship wise). I knew what God was reminding me of was the truth. The online presentation, in no way resembles the real person. I only asked the Lord these questions because of the dream and how God showed me this connection was affecting my house.

People can become whoever they want online, especially when they realize that they are able to reel you in. So once they find the key they use it to their advantage. As I inquired of the Lord, I got enough information to let me know that there was a reason God was telling me to not be concerned. And I am not. Even if this “relationship” goes to the next level, God will have a purpose for it, even if just for these two individuals to learn the truth about each other.