A Nightmare

I  thought I followed God, but I have serious questions about it now. Yes, everyone says I did the right thing, but right now I am living in a nightmare.

Yes, it seems like my solution is simple, but it is not. By today, I will know if I will have two tenants. I’m desperate and it will be income. They seem like good kids. We will see. God’s will be done. Then the neighbor’s daughter may need a baby sister. Since they live right next door, I can care for him right in his familiar surroundings.

I had a 24 hr notice to pay my water bill. It’s never gotten to that point. Last year the contractor who did the repairs in my house told me, they will padlock your door if your water is turned off because it would be a health hazard. I can see that.

The bible is so true. Money answers all things. I have so many regrets, but perhaps these two things will help turn things around at least a bit. I never wanted to take anyone into my home, but I’ve been praying in the spirit two hours a day, so perhaps this is the answer.

I’ve only mentioned one of my issues. I’m too embarrassed to list them all. God help!! Yes, this is indeed a nightmare.