I have two relationships that started on-line and seemed to be stuck in cyberspace. In both cases there has been a lot of misunderstandings, because such relationships have limitations. When you communicate online it’s hard to gauge the mood of the person. At least when you hear someones voice, you can know what is going on, or at least get a more accurate picture.

In the past two weeks, I emailed one friend several times and just when I thought my messages had gotten through, they bounced back several days later. It was upsetting because I would not want the person to think I was ignoring them. So here I am communicating and thinking the person knows what is going on, and all that time they didn’t get the messages. I’m sure they thought I may have been upset, when nothing could be further from the truth.

But then after the last batch of messages bounced back, I thought about it, and realize it’s time for that relationship to go to the next level, which in my opinion is the phone. So, I just stopped trying to send anymore emails. The other friendship did go to the phone briefly, but went back to cyberspace because every time I talked to the person, I could not get a word in at all, lol. Plus all the person did was boast all the time, so that kind of fizzled out.

It’s amazing how we communicate in today’s world. I have connections with many people who I may never meet. It’s an odd new way of making friends and acquaintances. But nothing beats the “old-fashioned way” and that is the good old telephone and face to face. All else is full of limitations.